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May 27, 2011

morning visitors!   looks like he stole a peanut from the deck!!!

i got home and changed and headed across the road with one of keira’s camp chairs!  i parked it in an open area by a bush where i have been seeing activity every time i go over.  and i waited……talk about being patient!  haha!

this must be where the hummer hangs out because he would fly in the direction of the house and then come back and perch on a branch — then back over!

spotted the yellow breasted chat again!

i did see and hear the indigo bunting but did not get an opportunity to get any pics.

weird sky.

it was past 7:30pm so i decided to head back over to the house….nothing new spotted…..UNTIL……i was out sitting on the deck about ready to call it a night and i kept hearing a shrill sound which i never heard before…saw something fly into the tree and OMG!  a CEDAR WAXWING….are you kidding me??  is this real??  i mean how am i getting so lucky to see all of these new birds lately!  yeah baby!

a very striking bird…..the markings are awesome!  made my day!!  🙂

here is mr. hummer’s perch in the tree in the backyard!  still no pictures of the mrs.   😦

the rhododendron is finally blooming!!!

have a great memorial day weekend!!

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