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May 24, 2011

blue jay in flight.

spotted this indigo bunting but had a hard time getting a good shot!

my house is on the other side of the power pole in the middle of pic….i can hear my dog barking but yet i’m in my own little world…..haha!

look @ this bird!

spotted the white eyed vireo again….boy are they tough to get a shot of!

so after he flew off and i lost him i walked over to another area and just stood quietly…i was kind of off the path and the grass was knee high…i heard something and a bunny scurried by…..then i saw something pop out of the grass…..i didn’t move…..a red fox was just jumping around kind of popping up through the grass!!!  i kind of got a little scared not knowing what to do but i just stayed still.  i made a small movement and it took off!!  wow was that COOL!!!   and a real heart pounder…….before my husband came in from the garage he ventured over because he wanted to see it…..all he got was the indigo bunting!   haha!!  great evening here in west virginia!!

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