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May 20, 2011

i couldn’t wait to get home from work and get my boots on and head across the road!  it is a birding haven!  i did spot the male indigo bunting but did not get a pic…also spooked a baby deer that was laying down under a shrub in cover and about peed my pants!  haha!  startled me!

song sparrow.

lots of bumble bees!

field sparrow singing away!

i chased this white eyed vireo around forever trying to get a good shot!  i would lose it and then hear it singing again….it was actually quite fun!

love the eyes!


and look who i ran into!  a male ruby throated …….. i’m sure mine!  boy would this area be a great place for a nest …. right across the street from the food!  i will def keep my eye out!  he hung out on this branch for quite awhile!  was neat to see him away from the feeders!

here is timber awaiting my return from the woods!  haha!

i was trying to get the sun shining through the face!  

red bellied hanging out on the power pole!

i was standing in the front yard and these 2 deer strolled by.  not too worried about me they just went about their business and on down the road!

mrs. hairy has been a daily visitor lately.

tufted titmouse.

female downy.  i thought maybe juvenile but someone noted it was an adult.  it just looks so cute and little!  i have had as many as 3 females @ once!

male red bellied.


have a great weekend!

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