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May 10, 2011

female house sparrow + house finch…

we were out and about in the yard after we got home yesterday and keira called me over.  she went around and picked these flowers off some bushes in the yard and then tried to “plant” them and she even watered them!  haha!  she said they were for me for mother’s day…she is the cutest!!!

we found this nest in one of the bushes in the front yard…..looks like a robin nest (can you confirm?) …..there was one lone egg in there that seemed to have a hole in it and looks cracked.  we are not sure if this is an old nest or new…..we are mostly in the backyard so not sure about activity out front.  i do not think the egg is viable but we did not bother it just in case.  but YAY for a nest!!!!!  🙂

we went for a walk across the road from the house…..the whole other side of our road is undeveloped and awesome to go explore!

i moved the new hummingbird feeder from the kitchen window to the shepherd’s hook out front….good thing i checked when i did — the suction holder was half off from the weight of the glass feeder — so good move!  and it brings a smile every time i pull into the driveway!!!  they have been quite elusive lately BUT i think i spotted a female on one of the feeders out back so i will stake it out so i can confirm!!!

these two were really chasing each other around…it was cute!

i watched two pairs of cardinals chase each other around too.  boy is that male persistent!  very fun to watch!

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