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April 15, 2011

my poor little girl…..she was trying to catch one of these and was so frustrated chasing it around the yard!!  she was balling!  haha!   i told her you can not touch them or they would die.  she didn’t seem to care about that part….she went inside and got her net and came back out……no luck.  even daddy tried and boy was that funny watching.  when he would miss it she would crack up.  so it ended up not that bad!  i think this is a moth anyway and not a butterfly.  looks a little beat up!

it was such a nice evening out!

i know i hid that seed somewhere around here!!

male downy.

i was watching two robins chase each other around the yard which i think was some kind of mating thing and i noticed something fly in to the tree.  OMG!  yep —–  hawk!  i was freaking out.  i got myself worked up and could NOT get a decent shot!  i yelled “hawk” so my husband would come into the room i was in and it flew away!

i cropped the picture but it is actually taken through the bird feeder!  i think the positive id i have gotten is male sharp shinned hawk.  crazy!

he was looking for dinner but didn’t get any this time!!!!!


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  1. April 16, 2011 1:05 am

    Sweet about your DD trying to catch the butterfly. Reminds me of my DGD.:)

    Hawks are beautiful and noble creatures. Yes…it is upsetting when they catch a songbird…but they have to eat also. It took years for me to accept and enjoy their visits in my yard/garden.

    I feel your Hawk is a Cooper’s. They look like Sharp Shins but are much larger.

    Cool post!

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