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March 31, 2011

i got excited because i saw something down by the birdbox —- not a bluebird though, a starling!  ugh!  the bluebirds still have nothing to do with it so maybe they already found a home.  do you think because it is on the tree and not free standing that makes a difference in their selection??

2 flickers hanging out digging for insects!

eastern towhee —  hardly ever see them in the yard.

we went to maple sugaring day @ a local park saturday afternoon.  it was really quite interesting and we had a nice time — it was a tad bit chilly though!

it started with the indians and their way of maple sugaring…

i was hoping to see some birds on the hike but no such luck — heard a few but didn’t see any.

this was interesting — see the horizontal lines in the tree below?   those are from yellow bellied sapsuckers and they believe the indians saw them pecking, etc. and that is how they knew there was something good in the maple trees.  pretty neat!

on to the colonial ways of maple sugaring…

and the more modern way….they let the kids bore some holes….keira had a blast!

and yes — only my fashionista would wear purple boots hiking!  haha!!  🙂

this is the contraption they had rigged up to collect the syrup.

some of the trees had bags attached to them and you could actually see the clear syrup dripping into them.  it was super cool!!!

then we enjoyed a pancake breakfast + some great music!

exciting news to share…….i scored a sigma 70-300mm lens that a friend was getting rid of because he got a new one!

the pictures are AMAZING!  will post the latest soon!!  i am having fun with it!!!!

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