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August 2, 2010

I had an excellent day!  We had many pileated woodpecker sightings but unfortunately no pictures!  My husband swears he saw 2 the one time he spotted them.  I saw 1 in a tree in the backyard and then 1 flew over the house into the woods!!  Exciting!  Now – I just need to get a picture!!!!!

While we were pileated hunting I turned back and noticed this goldfinch on the coneflower!  Wish I could have gotten a better pic – pretty cool nonetheless!

The nuthatch and downy were patiently waiting their turn for the feeder!  haha!

This is the mystery bird I chased around the yard!  I think it might be an eastern wood peewee but not sure.  There were 2 of them flying all over!  The result were these pictures and some kind of poison on my foot!!  haha!

goldfinch + juvenile cardinal having lunch together!

goldfinch thinking what was that???

a mourning dove, that’s what!!!  hehe!

it was goldfinch central @ one point!  he was running another one off that was trying to land!!

AND…last but not least…

a great way to end our saturday!!!

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  1. August 2, 2010 10:40 pm

    I would say you had a very successful day. I love the “What was that” look on the Goldie (LOL) and your Hummer pictures. Heck…all are great!
    Your daughter looks like she really enjoyed the campfire.:)

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