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June 29, 2010

AWESOME evening!  I had the best evening visitors!  I got some great shots!

I am really happy with the new tray feeder!  My husband picked it up @ Lowe’s for me.  It has a cage that hooks in and keeps the seeds in the tray —- you just take the cage off and empty the shells.  So far so good!

The blue jay was parched.

A northern flicker pair stopped by.  I only got the male…..I went out the garage around the side to try and get more pictures but they flew off!  I haven’t seen them in awhile so it was a nice surprise!

As I said in the last post I thought the hanging birdhouse had no activity for awhile……well something was messing around this evening.  I have no idea if it is the same one or not??


Taking the food to this……

The Papa was trying to get it to come to the suet feeder on the deck.  A few times it almost landed but then flew off to a tree.  It was so neat to watch….then the papa would almost get frustrated and grab a beakful of food and go feed him then come straight back!  Hopefully soon they will be up close and personal.  YAY!  I loved hearing the sound the juvenile made when wanting fed.

Here are some other critters.

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  1. July 1, 2010 8:51 am

    Hey, what’s Chip doing there??

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