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May 24, 2010

morning dew.

this peony kept opening up throughout the day!  so pretty!

playing around with the camera settings.  thought this looked cool!

there are huge pine trees that divide us from the neighbors…..i always hear all sorts of birds in there so i went in and checked it out.

catbird.  i am hearing it more often now!!  some interesting sounds!

one of the resident crows.  eek!

i wasn’t sure what bird this was.  it looked too big to be a white breasted nuthatch but maybe it was because i was so far away??

husband who makes fun of me bought me a couple new suet feeders!  yay!

i looked out the kitchen window while doing dishes and there were 2 bluebirds on the deck!  they just randomly come out of nowhere and i panic to get the camera and get too excited — i can’t seem to get a clear pic!  haha!  also, my black lab kona barks every time we look out the window so she is a bit of a distraction as well!!

checking out the house….i still haven’t put one out in the yard….guess i better this week!!!!

oh i hope i see them again!!!

have a great week!!

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