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May 16, 2010

The rose breasted grosbeak has been back almost daily!  I really like him!!  No sight of a female yet….

My fave the red-bellied woodpecker!

She has been diggin the oranges!!

I took a nice hike across the street and had some good sightings!!  I think this is the field sparrow like I spotted the last time!

Eastern towhee.  “drink your teeeeeeeaaaaaaaa”

I kept hearing this song I have never heard before.  It sounded like military or pituitary.  It was really pretty!  I finally spotted the white eyed vireo!!  1st time for me!  I had posted the pic on the fb b and b page and someone helped me out identifying it!  Thanks Steph!

A few starlings came through for a visit.  They were going in and out of the birdhouse.  Wonder if they were checking for a nest??

Even though they are pesky birds, you have to admit they are beautiful.  Look @ those colors!

Could you go ahead and finish the front yard so I don’t have to mow??   hehe!!

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  1. May 17, 2010 8:40 am

    Very cool collection of birds! I have never seen a White-eyed Vireo.

  2. May 17, 2010 8:29 pm

    I want a Grosbeak!
    Starling pictures- funny! 😀

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