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05.10.10 Monday Blues?

May 10, 2010

My Monday started off GREAT!  After I got out of the shower I looked out one of the windows and saw a male bluebird in the birdhouse on the deck!  I have only seen one a month or two ago.  By the time I got the camera ready it had made it to the tree.  I managed to get these shots amidst hyperventilating!  haha!

I think I am going to put a birdhouse somewhere out back and just see what happens.  Worth a shot!  Exciting!

There was major activity before I left for work.  It was hard to leave.  Hummingbirds, woodpeckers, cardinals, etc.  It was like these birds haven’t eaten in days!  Craziness.  Unfortunately, I had to leave.  I had to bring the suet cage in from the deck so I left an orange half out there.  It was completely eaten when I got home!  Do crows like oranges too???  haha!

The evening was the same!  A lot of visitors.  I got a few shots of the red-bellied.

I was determined to get some pictures of the hummingbird in a tree.  Not bad for a start I guess.

Nighty Night!

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