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05.01.10 Hummmmm…

May 2, 2010

May Day!  What a great day!  First, I want to welcome my 1st hummingbirds of the year!  Yeeehaaww!  I put my feeder up last weekend but put the red solution you buy @ the store in it because my husband bought some even though I told him do NOT get me any of that!  Men!  So, I figured I would try it first.  Nada.  Yesterday morning I took it down and cleaned it out and made my own food:  boil 4 cups water + 1 cup sugar – let cool – then refrigerate.  About half hour after I put the feeder back out I was taken off guard with my first ruby throated hummer!!!  I was ecstatic!  I did not have the camera close as I was doing dishes and have the feeder on the window by the sink!  We had a playdate for the afternoon and when I got home I was just staring @ the feeder like when will I see another one??  The answer was right then!!!

I can’t wait to get more pictures!  They are the cutest little things!!  Exciting!!  I have never really used hummingbird feeders before.  I have fond memories as a child @ my Grandparent’s house seeing them because my Grandma was a birdwatcher and LOVED hummingbirds!  I talked to my Grandma just about 5 minutes before I saw the first one.  I definitely think that is some sort of sign!  I am still lucky enough to be able to share all 4 of my Grandparents with my daughter!  How cool is that??

Here are some other pics I took yesterday.

Now, if I can just keep the crows out of my suet.  What a pain!

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