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April 29, 2010

Good Mourning Doves!

First thing I saw this morning!

I finally got some pics of the white-crowned sparrow!!  I like these little guys too…

Mr. red-bellied has been coming every morning around 7:30am.  Shortly after the female arrives for some suet.

So….when I got home yesterday the suet cage (above) was down in the yard.  I have a feeling it is the crows.  They lurk around the tree suet feeder as well so I do not even leave that out when we are not home.  I saw the crow shuffling through some leaves in the backyard and grabbed my binoculars.  It had something moving in it’s mouth and was like flailing it around.  It looked black.  I could not get a good i.d. on whatever it was but it was definitely alive.  Then another crow came and had something also.  I went out and down to the area to look but I think they flew off with it.  It didn’t look like a bird, maybe a mole??  I wish I could have gotten a closer look @ whatever it was!  They will not leave either!!  Ugh!

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