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April 25, 2010

The last Saturday of April.  Time is flying anymore!!  I had an excellent day!

I had a visitor a lot of the morning!!  This little guy lurked around.  Made for some interesting shots!

namaste.  hehe!


the nuthatch is thinking:  “are you supposed to be up here?”

made it!  haha!

mr.  red-bellied waiting to come in.

waiting patiently for his turn.

lookin for the chipmunk??

the blue jays were destroying the suet.  loved it.

the eastern towhees have migrated to my yard finally i think!  i am hearing “drink your teaaaaaaa” all the time!  spotted one out front under the tree feeder.

cardinal pair from a different view down in the yard.

such a serious look!  hehe!

my love.

weeds can be pretty.  especially to a 3-year old!!  hehe!

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