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April 19, 2010

Wow!!  Where to start.  I had another amazing day bird watching!  It never gets old.  I also spotted some new birds!  Woohooo!   All this from the comfort of my own home!  Life is Good!

Let’s start with the Northern Flicker.  I posted a picture the other day of what I thought was the male.  Today confirmed that it is indeed a male and he was with the female!  I really think they have a nest across the road in the woods.  Exciting.  I happened to look out the window and there was the male pecking the ground like crazy!  Sorry the pictures are not the best quality — I was taking them through the deck rails!!

The male has the black mustache markings.

Digging for insects.  He was going to town!

The Mrs.

…red-bellied woodpecker…

This was right before he came to feed.

Brightest redhead EVER!!!

They all get along.  hehe!

…1st sighting:  eastern bluebird…

Can I say BEAUTIFUL???  WOW!  I wish I could have gotten a clearer picture.  Hope to see them again soon!  I spotted her first and was trying to identify the bird as I had never seen it before.

Boy they are fast and busy.  He kept going from tree to ground….back to tree.  Glad I got a few shots.

…house finches…

The lovebirds were back.  I checked the All About Birds page to see what they were actually doing.  I found this: “During courtship, males sometimes feed females in a display that begins with the female gently pecking at his bill and fluttering her wings. The male simulates regurgitating food to the female several times before actually feeding her.”  It was so cute!

…american tree sparrow…

…american robin…


That’s All Folks!  For now…Have a great week!!

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