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04.15.10 Eastern Towhee

April 16, 2010

I walk our dogs in the woods across from our house.  A lot of dense brush and trees with some trails through it.  The last few evenings I have heard a different bird song that I had not heard before.  I spotted something that @ first glance looked like a robin but then I noticed the belly was white.  As soon as I got back to the house I looked through my bird book and identified it as an Eastern Towhee.  Their song is a loud drink-your-tea! lasting about 1 second.  Listen to it on the linked website and I bet you have heard it before!  I took my camera with me last night.  I didn’t get the greatest pictures as I was wrangling 2 – 80lb dogs as well!!  They seemed to fly to the highest branch and just sing their hearts out like broadcasting it across the woods.  It was really cool!!  I can’t wait to take my camera and binoculars and scope the woods out alone!  haha!  I have never seen them in our yard or@ the feeders.


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