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03.24.10 Good Morning!

March 24, 2010

I had a great morning before I left for work!  I noticed the red-bellied woodpecker out @ the suet feeder.  After I went to get the camera he flew off but I followed him to another tree in the yard.  I went to a different room and got this pic.

When I got back out to the kitchen the northern flicker was @ the feeder!!  Yay!!  I have missed her!  I snapped this shot and as I tried to go outside to get a better pic she took off!  She is sneaky.

Then, right before I was getting ready to head out the door I took one last look and there was a hairy + downy woodpecker both feeding!!

Well, I thought the squirrels would be our only problem.  Not!  Now the deer are getting into the mix!  My husband saw one up on the tree out front emptying the feeder I have hanging out there!!  Jeeeesh!

Check back later to see what visits me this evening!!

Happy Hump Day!

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