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June 7, 2011


she just got out of the beauty salon!

yellow breasted chat  — has such an interesting sound!

northern flicker high up in the trees!

dragonfly — widow skimmer.

clearwing moth.

cedar waxwing grooming…they seem to be hanging around.


another widow skimmer dragonfly.

boy the indigo bunting is a tough catch!  

song sparrow checking me out.

so sweeeeeet!

wow — i am almost out of upload space!  to upgrade or not to upgrade?  leave me a comment if you enjoy the blog and want me to keep it going!!

peace out.



06.03.11 friday evening stroll…

June 4, 2011

these were actually taken friday morning…..the pileated stopped by!


filling up!

the deck has been a daily stop for the baby house sparrows.

my husband went fishing so keira joined me on my walk this evening….she was bug hunting…

not sure what this is??   it was pretty cool!

cedar waxwings!

back to the homestead….

young buck.


June 3, 2011

i haven’t had much time for birding this week as my best friend and her family have been in town so been spending time with them!  this evening i went for a walk!  great evening for sure!

before i crossed the road i heard all kinds of commotion in the pine trees in our side yard…there were a few tufted titmice and chickadees just going nuts!  i think they were juveniles as they were in a groups – i couldn’t get a decent shot because they were moving around like crazy.  neato!

this catbird was singing away forever!

i know you guys commented about being “lazy” birders but just walking across the street and around the field isn’t all that bad!  it is also fun to hear them and then try to find them!  for me anyway!  it is my solace away from everything……sometimes i need a change from just watching the feeders!!

yellow warbler!


white eyed vireo again….they must definitely nest somewhere over here — i always hear them.

female cardinal fluff!

little wood satyr butterfly.


June 2, 2011

i have been busy – busy!  i have a ton of pics to share!  i just haven’t had time to sit down and post them….here goes….


a woodpecker trifecta (hairy + downy + red bellied)!

newest bird:  yellow warbler!


spotted the cedar waxwings again!

i pulled up to my cousin’s baby shower sunday and look what i spotted!!!  my 1st mockingbird!


how special is this?  i was thrilled to catch these house sparrows…thanks to hubby for spotting them and i got to another room without spooking them!!!


this catches up the long weekend!


May 27, 2011

morning visitors!   looks like he stole a peanut from the deck!!!

i got home and changed and headed across the road with one of keira’s camp chairs!  i parked it in an open area by a bush where i have been seeing activity every time i go over.  and i waited……talk about being patient!  haha!

this must be where the hummer hangs out because he would fly in the direction of the house and then come back and perch on a branch — then back over!

spotted the yellow breasted chat again!

i did see and hear the indigo bunting but did not get an opportunity to get any pics.

weird sky.

it was past 7:30pm so i decided to head back over to the house….nothing new spotted…..UNTIL……i was out sitting on the deck about ready to call it a night and i kept hearing a shrill sound which i never heard before…saw something fly into the tree and OMG!  a CEDAR WAXWING….are you kidding me??  is this real??  i mean how am i getting so lucky to see all of these new birds lately!  yeah baby!

a very striking bird…..the markings are awesome!  made my day!!  🙂

here is mr. hummer’s perch in the tree in the backyard!  still no pictures of the mrs.   😦

the rhododendron is finally blooming!!!

have a great memorial day weekend!!

05.25.11 and another…

May 26, 2011

spotted the indigo bunting on my walk this evening!

came across a yellow breasted chat!  1st time i have seen this one!  they are just adding up for me and i’m lovin it!!!!!

i have realized instead of just walking the trails i need to find a good spot and just sit and wait.  look forward to next time.  wonder what i will see??  hoping to spot the red fox again too……

May 24, 2011

blue jay in flight.

spotted this indigo bunting but had a hard time getting a good shot!

my house is on the other side of the power pole in the middle of pic….i can hear my dog barking but yet i’m in my own little world…..haha!

look @ this bird!

spotted the white eyed vireo again….boy are they tough to get a shot of!

so after he flew off and i lost him i walked over to another area and just stood quietly…i was kind of off the path and the grass was knee high…i heard something and a bunny scurried by…..then i saw something pop out of the grass…..i didn’t move…..a red fox was just jumping around kind of popping up through the grass!!!  i kind of got a little scared not knowing what to do but i just stayed still.  i made a small movement and it took off!!  wow was that COOL!!!   and a real heart pounder…….before my husband came in from the garage he ventured over because he wanted to see it…..all he got was the indigo bunting!   haha!!  great evening here in west virginia!!